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Jammu and Kashmir is the northern most state in India. The state is Asia's 'Paradise on Earth', wealthy in premium money crops like pecans and saffron, favored with stunning characteristic magnificence throughout the entire year. With the Himalayas lining it from north-east side, there are numerous valleys framed, for example, the Kashmir , Sindh , Lidder , Poonch , Tawi and Chenab Valleys.

Coming up next are some fascinating realities about the Kashmir .

1) Special Status

Article 370 of Indian Constitution gives the state practically complete self-rule. This has caused the status of J&K to be universally contested. It's the main Indian state to have its own banner.

2)  and Administration

Hundreds of years back the Hindu religion prospered here, trailed by Buddhism, and Islam with the attack of Mughals. The state is partitioned into three organizations due to Article 370 - J&K under India, Azad Kashmir under Pakistan and Aksai Chin under China. Kashmir , be that as it may, is totally under Indian administration.

3) Kashmir and Kashmir

Kashmir is the jurisdictional zone of Kashmir, separate from Jammu. Portions of it are at present under standard of Pakistan and China. Kashmir  then again is one of the few valleys of Kashmir. It is set apart as the zone between the Pir Pinjal run in the south-west and the Himalayas in the north-east. The Jhelum  is the main waterway that courses through here.

4) Most Popular Tourist Spots of Kashmir

The state's best goals for Kashmir the travel industry, for example, Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonamarg and Pahalgam, best places of interest, for example, Shalimar Bagh, Chasme Shahi and Pari Mahal, significant lakes, for example, Dal , Wular , Manasbal  - all exist in the Kashmir .

5) Seasons and Capitals

There's no unmistakable blustery season because of restricted precipitation. Consequently the seasons are extensively summer and winter, or spring, summer, harvest time and winter. Srinagar, in Kashmir , is the mid year capital while Jammu is the winter capital.

6) Dual Citizenship

It's the main Indian state where the residents here have both Indian just as Kashmir citizenship.

7) Kashmiris

The Kashmiris of Kashmir  are generally Muslims, with a couple of Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists. Little gatherings of Gujjars and Bakarwals live along the mountains. Regularly communicated in dialects are Kashmiri and Urdu, however many talk conventional , similar to a subsequent language.

8) Unique Accommodation

The houseboat or Shikara stays are a remarkable encounter strongly suggested and generally remembered for good Kashmir bundles.

9) Items to Watch Out for

The conventional Kashmiri , Pheran, the remarkable copper pots called Samovar, the earthen fire pots enclosed by woven wicker called Kangiri, high quality pecan furniture and trinkets, and so forth are some phenomenal things to look at.

10) India's Longest Railway Tunnel

The Pir Pinjal railroad burrow or the Banihal railroad burrow is 11,215 km or 7 miles in length, 8.4m wide and 7.39m tall. It's India's longest and Asia's fourth longest railroad burrow.


Day 1

Arrival Srinagar

On arrival at the Srinagar airport and transfer to Hotel.In evening Shikara ride in world famous dal lake ( at your own). Later return hotel and overnight stay at the Houseboat.

Day 2


Day 02: Srinagar to Gulmarg (60 kilometers/1.3 hrs drive) After breakfast continue towards Gulmarg. Enroute you find a good pace excellent Tangmarg town and drive ahead on a picturesque travel of 14 kilometers to Gulmarg. Show up in Gulmarg promptly toward the evening and check in at the inn. Afterward, start a short visit, boarding the Gondola link vehicle framework (at your own). Dive back to Gulmarg following an hour and later enjoy some pony riding ( at your own). Remain medium-term at inn in Gulmarg.

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